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Pond & Pondless Kits

Pond & Pondless Kits take the guesswork out of trying to assemble the perfect combination of equipment and liner to create a stunning water feature.

Small to Large Kits Available.

Biological Filtration - Biofalls

Add a Biofalls to your pond to provide complete mehanical & biological filtration. Easy to install and maintain. Requires only cleaning once a year. Can be used to create a waterfall & stream into your pond.

  Mechanical Filtration - Skimmers

Skimmers remove unwanted debris from the surface of the pond & reduce unnessary maintenance. These filters have large debris nets that allow for quick & easy maintenance for small to large ponds.
  Pressure Filters

Pressure filters are perfect for that small water feature. Can be directly buried to bottom of access lid. These pumps are fed from a submersible pump positioned in your pond or skimmer.

Can be purchased with or without a UV Light.

Tsurumi Submersible Pumps

For larger water feature application. Great for higher dynamic head with a 2" outlet
  Ultra Pump

Mag Drive pump with ceramic shaft and bearings. Energy efficent and a  3/4" outlet. These pumps are great for decorative water features such as bubbling rocks, spitters or brass fixtures, fountain heads.


Aqua Force Pump

Mag Drive pump. Great for external filters to keep a hole in the ice all winter long. A solids handling waterfall pump can accomodate 1/2 " to 1 1/2" tubing.

Also great pump for bigger bubbling rocks & large overflowing pots.
  Aqua Surge Pumps

Ideal for use as a high flow pump. Unique design allows the pump to be installed verticle or horizontal. The pump is energy effecient pump with high flow rates.


Aqua Jet Pumps

All in one fountain pump kit includes two fountain heads & extendable riser tube. Protective strainer housing that makes for a stunning water fountain.

Benefical Bacteria

Sometimes factors like fishload, uneaten food, organics debris may disrupt the bablce of your pond. Benefical bacteria keeps your pond in biological balance; providing clean, clear and  healthy water condition.

Available in liquid for (live bateria) or an economical dry form.
  S.A.B. Extreme Dry

Contains pure strains of concentrated beneficial bacteria & enzymes. Ideal for breaking down debris in ponds, streams & waterfall, this combination of natural cleaners helps to maintain a strong biological balance in your pond.



EcoBlast is the fastest way to eliminate unsightly debris from waterfall, streams & rocks. Sprinkle on debris & watch it disappear. EcoBlast works best when the product is applied direcly to existing debris.
  Bullet Spotlights

NEW! LED  BULLET SPOTLIGHTS Comes with a 15 foot cord. Add a new demension to your pond by bringing it to life at night. With todays busy lifestyles, it only makes sense to install lights to enjoy your pond after work hours.


Pond Aeration

Pond Aeration from small air stones to large air pads for commercial retention ponds to farm ponds.
Also fountain aeration for a more visible approach.

Call us for more details at: 518.887.5552
  Basalt Columns

Natural basalt colums are mined,shaped by fracture & drilled to make a stunning water feature.

Installs easily with the large Aqua Basin.


Ceramic Urns

Ceramic water features are great for small places. Quick & easy installation that fits into any landscape.
  Water Spitters

Various water spitters available made of stone, granite, brass & resin.



The Aquabasion is design to take the guess work out of installing hand carved stone, brass fountains & bubbling urns.

Available in 2 sizes.
30 " x 30 " x 10 " that holds up to 40 gallons.
45 " x 45 " x 14 " that holds up to 75 gallons.

Octagonal shape provides maximum strength.

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