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 Latest 2015 News
  SAVE THE DATE……5th Annual Pond Tour to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Sat. July 18, 2015
 Latest 2014 News
SAVE THE DATE……4th Annual Pond Tour to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Sat. Aug. 2nd.

 Latest 2013 News
Joined PLANET Professional Landcare Network

3rd Annual Pond Tour to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Albany where we raised and donated over $1,900.  
 Latest 2012 News
Awarded TechoBloc Pro certification confirming our commitment to excellent workmanship.  

2nd Annual Pond Tour benefit the Roland McDonald House of Albany where we raised and donated over $1700.  
 Latest 2011 News
  Thank you for voting us 2011 Best of Show - Gold and 2011 People's Choice at the Capital District Garden & Flower Show.  

 Spring 2010 News
  Thank you for voting us 2010 Best of Show - Gold and 2010 People's Choice at the Capital District Garden & Flower Show.  
 Summer 2009 News
   September - our favorite time year!  The season of change is upon us and kids are back to school (parents now have more time to ponder) Your pond will start to change once again.  Keep an eye on all your plants, remember to trim any dead leaves, spent flowers or stalks off your water plants.  Only remove your floating plants if they yellow or brown out or we get a early frost.  Prepare for October, make sure last years leaf net and skimmer net are in good working order.  Now is the time to change over to cold water bacteria and low temp fish food. Keep your thermometer handy and stop feeding when water temp reaches 50 degrees. Remember, we are here to help you successfully winter your pond.  Free seminars for Preparing Your Pond for Winter will be held Sat. Sept 26th at 10am and Sat. Oct. 3rd at 10am.  Hope to see you there - bring your questions!!.

  Attended Pondemonium in Chicago, IL in July 2009 and participated in the first ever Extreme Green Community Makeover at the Lakes of Bliss Woods neighborhood in Sugar Grove, IL. This event was a hands on installation of various RainXchange rainwater harvest system throughout the community. Green projects installed in the neighborhood include ecosystem ponds, rain gardens, Rainxchange rainbarrels and RainXchange systems paired with a Pondless Waterfall, decorative fountain or pervious pavers and fountain.

 Thank heavens Spring is here!! Lots to do this month and time to get dirty. Ponds are like perennial beds what you do this month can dictate your entire season. Pond clean outs are recommended (don’t forget about our free seminars on clean outs on April 4th & 11th). Pond clean out involves pumping down your pond and pressure washing and cleaning any leaves or debris that may have collected over winter. Fish care during this process is discussed in detail at our seminars. Fertilize your aquatic plants and adjust any rocks or plants may want to change. Once your pond is up and running don’t forget to add your cold water bacteria to jump start your healthy pond Any questions call us for technical advice – we will be happy to help. Happy Pondering.

   Even though the ice might have melted on your pond remember do not feed your fish until water temperatures are 50 degrees on average (water temp not air temp). To help speed up the ice melt process remove your skimmer lid during the daylight hours when its warm and sunny (please, be careful – don’t fall in its too cold swim yet). Continue to run your winterization pump or air stones for proper oxygen until you can start up our waterfall.
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